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Frequently Asked Questions about Plastic Surgery

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Dr. Nicolas M. HynesWhat is Plastic Surgery?

Derived from the Greek word "plastikos", meaning "mould" or "shape", Plastic Surgery encompasses a wide variety of procedures designed to improve both form and function. This includes reconstruction following trauma or cancer surgery, surgery of the hand and wrist, and cosmetic surgery.

Who is a candidate for Cosmetic Surgery?
Many people, both men and women, can benefit from cosmetic surgery. A great variety of aesthetic procedures exist to improve your appearance and self-image. During your cosmetic consultation, Dr. Hynes can help you decide how you can best achieve your goals. Details regarding the specific techniques and patient photos can be found by clicking on the Rediscover, Enhance, and Reshape headings on the menu bar.

Lotus Cosmetic Surgery Centre & MedispaWhere will my surgery be performed?
Dr. Hynes is the Medical Director of Lotus Cosmetic Surgery Centre + Medispa in Hamilton, Ontario. Lotus is a newly-renovated, state-of-the-art private surgical facility. This is a safe and trusted environment. Expert anaesthetists and registered nurses will be closely involved in your care before, during, and after your surgery.
Since Dr. Hynes is also a Consultant in the Division of Plastic Surgery at St. Joseph’s Healthcare in Hamilton, your surgery can alternatively be done in the hospital if preferred.

Will I need to stay overnight?
Most cosmetic procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis and you will be able to go home the same day. Some operations require an overnight stay.

How can I book my cosmetic consultation?
Simply click on Book an appt or call us at (905) 645-5640. Be your best. Call for your cosmetic consultation with Dr. Hynes at our office in Hamilton today.

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